The use of language has been a lifelong passion for me.

Words matter: the right word, or the best combination of words with which to accurately convey intended meaning, matter.

I’m fascinated by the word choices of others as they speak or write. I’m always listening for the many ways to bridge not only languages, but cultures.

Growing up in Bogotá, Colombia with an American mother and a Colombian father has shaped the way I interact with these two languages: English and Spanish. I was taught from early childhood that if I wished to be heard, I had to “choose one language only”. I struggled with this because there are so many enticing ways to achieve greater expressiveness by borrowing from both languages. But the rule was strict and I learned the linguistic discipline that has served me well.

My first opportunity to interpret occurred in 1976 when an internationally renowned speaker came to Colombia and the event organizer asked me to provide simultaneous interpretation. This was the beginning of my career as an interpreter. Since then, I have honed my skills by translating at hundreds of international events and meetings. I have worked at meetings at the United Nations and assisted with television and radio interviews.

I have translated at conferences in almost every Spanish speaking country in the world, from Mexico, all the way down to Argentina and also in Spain as well as for the Spanish -speaking delegates at international events in the U.S., Italy, Curacao, Brazil and Australia.

I obtained my Federal Certification in 1984 and have worked consistently in the Federal Courts in Miami, Los Angeles and New York, where I have had occasion to interpret in high-profile cases.

In 2010, I joined UCLA Extension as an Instructor in their Translation & Interpretation Certificate Program. Teaching has been a wonderful way to distill and share my experience and learning. It has been my privilege to work with the next generation of certified interpreters.

I recently had opportunities to work in the area of innovation consulting; I am fascinated with the evolution of language as new concepts and inventions come into use. I am excited about working at live events and meetings.

Interpreting for Mr. Prem Rawat, Ambassador of Peace at the welcome ceremony offered by the Mayor of Cuzco, Peru
Interpreting for Mr. Prem Rawat at an award ceremony at the University of Cuzco, Peru
Interpreting for a witness
On the stand in the US District Court; Southern District of New York: Chevron v. Donziger

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