• It’s not only the words that are translated but the message that these words are intended to convey. In my opinion this is what differentiates high level interpretation from all the others.

    Over the course of more than 30 years I have personally enjoyed Elisa’s work in the translation of international events that I attended; in the written translation of articles that I entrusted her with; and also in TV interviews that I helped organize. I especially recall the impeccable translation of a TV interview conducted of an international VIP (Ambassador of Peace) by a renowned Peruvian journalist that was held in Lima in 2012. That interview demanded  simultaneous and on-camera live translation both from English to Spanish and vice versa from Spanish to English. That double translation alone demanded a very high concentration and her performance exceeded our expectations.    

    Gaston Herrera PR Consultant, Lima Peru
  • Outstanding translator who provided excellent support, under pressure.

    Unflappable and neutral in presentation, allowing intonation and feel of the translated subject as well. A pleasure to work with Elisa on several projects, including TV interviews, large events and VIP interactions. Highly recommended.

    Paul Bloomfield Governor - The Sir John Cass Foundation UK
  • Elisa Cabal is a master interpreter.

    Elisa has a wide intellectual knowledge, delicate and firm diction, and an uncanny ability to navigate the bilingual world at light speed and with accurate rendering of the most challenging idioms and daily expressions.

    Chelo Alvarez-Stehle Translator, Journalist, Documentary Film Maker – Sands of Silence
  • I’d absolutely recommend Elisa’s interpretation services.

    She’s a rare talent with great knowledge of both U.S. and British English, and of the three main flavors of Latin American Spanish.  She’s also extremely professional and punctual. An absolute gem in the translation field.

    Jim O'Brien President - Aveco, Inc. Solutions for Broadcast Facilities
  • Elisa helped to create a truly bilingual event for a very mixed audience.

    We wanted to ensure linguistic justice - that those without English were not made to feel that they were "less than" English speakers in any way. The way she did her translations maintained a lovely, egalitarian balance so that everyone in the room felt their language was given the same priority. She can handle anything you throw at her. There was some specialized language in our program and she handled it with aplomb. Elisa was kind, warm and easy to work with. She made the whole thing easy!

    Caroline Luce, Ph.D. Research & Digital Projects Manager
  • Elisa brought a quality of translation to my recent documentary that I know will play well in Spanish-speaking countries.

    She listens carefully to what is required and she is a delightful person to know and work with.  I can always count on her to deliver the best. I would unconditionally recommend Elisa for any project large or small.  Her attention to detail and her ability to ensure that nothing gets "lost in translation" is why she is my "go to" person.

    Cynthia Fitzpatrick Documentary Film Maker – Inside Peace

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